Lincoln Maintenance and Protection Plan


With a Maintenance Plan, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your vehicle will be serviced using Lincoln parts for superior fit, finish and overall performance. Regardless of the plan you have, it’s backed by the Lincoln Motor Company and is specifically designed to meet maintenance requirements for Lincoln vehicles. Plus, it’s honoured at every authorized Lincoln Dealer in Canada and the United States.


The Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan covers all your required scheduled maintenance as outlined in your Lincoln Owner Manual for the term selected, and includes coverage for six wear items.


    • Spark plugs
    • Shock absorbers
    • Engine belts, hoses and clamps
    • Brake pads and linings (maximum of 1 set every 60,000km)
    • Wiper blades (maximum of 2 sets per year)
    • Brake rotors (maximum of 1 set every 60,000km)

Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan services must be performed at an authorized Lincoln Dealership.


To ensure your Lincoln continues to drive as it’s meant to, our trained-technicians perform a comprehensive multipoint inspection every time it’s serviced.

At every service visit, our trained-technicians will:

    • Change engine oil and filter
    • Rotate tires and inspect tire for tread wear, proper pressure and tread depth
    • Inspect wheels and related components for abnormal noise, wear, looseness or drag
    • Perform multi-point inspection
    • Inspect automatic transmission fluid level (if equipped with a dipstick); consult Dealer for requirements
    • Inspect brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, brake linings, hoses and parking brake
    • Inspect engine cooling system strength and hoses
    • Inspect exhaust system and heat shields
    • Inspect half-shaft dust boots, if equipped
    • Inspect steering linkage, ball joints, suspension, tie-rod ends, driveshaft and U-joints; lubricate if equipped with grease fittings


The Limited Maintenance Plan provides peace of mind for your pre-owned vehicle by covering all the regular maintenance services, including engine oil and filter change, multi-point inspection and tire rotation.


    • $0 deductible
    • Helps protect you against the rising costs of maintenance
    • Helps maximize the resale or lease-end value of your vehicle
    • Service at all Lincoln Dealers in Canada and the United States
    • Only Lincoln maintenance plans are backed by the Lincoln Motor Company
    • A smart way to protect your investment for just pennies a day
    • With Lincoln Parts & Service, you can be confident that your vehicle will continue to be serviced using Lincoln-approved parts for superior fit, finish and overall performance
    • Factory-trained Technicians receive the latest in comprehensive training to help ensure that your vehicle is fixed right, the first time
    • Available for purchase with Pre-owned Lincoln Vehicles